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Welcome Spring 2021 Batch Sigma!!!
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Welcome Spring 2021 Batch Sigma!!!

Welcome Spring 2021 Batch Sigma!!!

We would like to welcome in the Spring 2021 Sigma Batch to Startup Shell this semester. As many would agree, the online space has revealed many obstacles for the startup environment. Despite all challenges, these starter entrepreneurs and highly skilled individuals have proven that their passions can overcome any obstacle thrown their way.

With each new batch, Startup Shell looks for those who reflect the culture and ideals of Shell: We are "a community of highly driven people, passionate about building projects and tackling solutions head on." The Startup Shell team is confident that the Sigma batch carries on this culture and we are excited to welcome them into the Shell community!


Founders Venture Description
Cassy Webb The Seashore Room The Seashore Room seeks to provide quality coastal-inspired décor to its customers so they can experience the tranquility of the beach anywhere.


Founders Venture Description
Sharon Halevi VoPath Application VoPath is a social platform that makes volunteering accessible, social, and fun. We connect users to each other and to nonprofits to harness connections for a cause.
Mika Panday Art Behavioral Analysis Art Behavioral Analysis is a hybrid health portal that connects caretakers of the autism community with a personalized, gamified network of their child’s therapists showcasing art as a form of communication.
Noah Zipin Digitus Prosthetics We want to make affordable prosthetic fingers that are functional and durable.
Greg Sarafian Bitcamp Bitcamp is the University of Maryland's flagship hackathon bringing together 1,300+ of the nation's brightest makers for a weekend of creativity, innovation, and fun.
Bradley Mascarenhas Prommuni Prommuni is a technology company building a social network designed to connect young professionals with other like-minded individuals to form co-living groups.
Thaibinh Cao is an AI-powered web app that can perform several complex text-related tasks for its users, including answering user questions based on text, summarizing, and paraphrasing. The service is primarily designed for students and academics.
Utsa Santhosh Technica Technica is the world's largest all women and non-binary hackathon in the world, working towards promoting gender diversity in technology.
Fellows Skill Set
Kian Abdi User Experience + Web Development + Product Management + Data Science
Andrew Yuan Robotics + AR/VR Development + Software Development
Zach Zhao Full-stack Development + Machine Learning + Data Science
Ronak Patel Data Organization + Software Development + Finance + Construction
Eric Chu Mobile Application Development
Peter Feeney Data + Computer Vision + Machine Learning

Content Creation:

Fellow Skill Set
Brian Paul Marketing + Design
Mike Houser Music & Food Psychology

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