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Welcome Spring 2020 Batch! 🎉
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Welcome Spring 2020 Batch! 🎉

Welcome Spring 2020 Batch! 🎉

After thoughtful consideration from an extremely competitive pool of applicants, we are happy to announce the Spring 2020 Batch, full of phenomenal, people, creators, technologists, self-starters, and now, Shellers. With industries that range from technology and health, to sports and security, this semester has been a cumulation of diversity of thought. Adding more variety to the ecosystem of Startup Shell, this batch is one we are particularly excited about.

To every batch we say the same thing. "We are community of highly driven people, passionate about building projects and tackling solutions head on. As an organization, we do our best to provide you with the space, connections, and resources to make that happen." Those selected for this batch came with all the right energy to foster entrepreneurship through collaboration.

New Territory

This semester, our typical process of admitting a new batch, conducting orientation, having a 'Shellebration', and all the events that follow were upended, leaving current and new Shellers without the co-working space we've grown to love for the first time since Shell's inception. To Shellers, discouragements are opportunities, setting the stage for solutions rather than turning into problems. We pushed on, admitting our members, conducting orientation in person and online (as you can see from the image above, already practicing social distancing), and transitioning our events online.

For the next month, expect a lineup of Shell talks covering every aspect of entrepreneurialism, with a sprinkle of topicality. The full lineup of events, resources, and opportunities will be announced in the coming days.

On top of that, we'll be taking the time to strike up some virtual conversations with the new batch and other Shell founders to share here, on Shell's blog. Until then, here's a breakdown of the three main industries, and the amazing members and innovations that make it up.


Fellows Skill Set
Adithya Solai Data Analysis + Finance + Presentation
Rahul Rajeev Supply Chain + Operations + Technology Scrum Master + Software Development Life Cycle
Fady Yanni Digital Marketing


Founder Venture Description
Andrew Karam Beer Stoute A re-designed way to shotgun a beer. Similar to the way maple is tapped from trees, Beer Stoute is a tool you can carry around on your key chain that gives you a cleaner, portable way of enjoying a canned beer.
Fellows Skill Set
Roshni Patel UI Design + Digital Design + Programming
Lee Kirshenboim Digital Art + Cost Analysis + 3D Printing
Lashawnda Bynum User-Centered Design
Mei Lu Digital Illustration
Rachel Taskale Art + Programming


Founders Venture Description
Donald Isaac & Eric Robertson Open Sourcery Open Sourcery is a SORC recognized, CS affiliated student organization. With the aim of building an inclusive community for CS students, Open Sourcery is a community that holds CS-oriented workshops.
Felipe Linares Ruiz & Michael Weinberger Prism Technologies Checkout Automation Software.
Veeraj Shah Chat Health Inc. Chat Health provides real-time information about preventative health services and connects students with resources to access these health services using novel artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools, which automate continuous connections between students and necessary health resources.
Benyam Ephrem Back To Back SWE A company that creates unique and effective educational resources for software engineers studying for interviews. They run one of the world's largest algorithmic prep YouTube channels.
Andrew Karam Concealed Weapon Detection, Body Anomaly Detection Concealed Weapon Detection: an efficient way of detecting concealed weapons on a person by utilizing thermal radiation and machine learning. Body Anomaly Detection: a new method for dermatologist and doctors to diagnose patients, works through 3D body scanning and machine learning to be able to detect differences between scans of a being and further diagnose the scan using Machine learning.
Kyle Fruth Ionic Sports Tech Ionic is a sports technology company that creates innovative products of both hardware and software to help athletes world-wide improve and take control of their own futures.
Sean Lin Bitcamp BitCamp is a 36 hour hackathon to delve into your curiosities, learn something new, and build something awesome. BitCamp appeals to people of all hacking experiences to participate.
Renee Yang Technica Technica is the world's largest all-women and nonbinary hackathon. In 24 hours, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in tech culture and create innovative hacks.
Johnathan Schneider Savvy Tech Savvy Tech is an app that allows shoppers to try on and purchase designer clothing in a virtual marketplace. Take a selfie, input a few basic measurements, and a 3D avatar is rendered with your face and body. You can then shop like you would on any other site!
Fellows Skill Set
Alden Schmidt Cyber Security
Calvin Leung Electronics + Web Development
Shashank Polanki Electronics + Web Development
Tochukwu Ibe-Ekeocha Software Engineering
Gaetan Almela Web Development
Dhruv Maniktala Robotics + Machine Learning + Video Editing
Dennis Perreault Technology Strategy

We are very excited to work with each of them to hone their skills, and apply them to build something great. Despite the global situation at hand, we are set on making the Startup Shell experience just as good online as it is in person. Luckily for us, the great leaders of Shell over the years have already done a pretty good job.

And to our new batch, Congratulations. You're now and forever Shellers. Wear it with honor wherever you go.

Building a COVID-19 related project, or want to volunteer? Click here to let us know.

Stay on the look out for a detailed outline of our virtual events for the rest of the semester.

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