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Shell Mourns The Loss of Enly Founder Thomas Savransky
2 min read

Shell Mourns The Loss of Enly Founder Thomas Savransky

From the Dingman Blog

Unfortunately, it was brought to Startup Shell's attention last week that one of our own, Thomas (Tom) Savransky died in a car crash at the age of 23. Tom was a passionate entrepreneur who founded the sustainable fashion + tech startup Enly. The startup produces virtual online fittings to reduce the amount of waste in online shopping while providing consumers with great fitting clothes.  

During his time at the University of Maryland, Tom was an active founder of Startup Shell from Batch Nu and blazing his own trail with Enly. He was accepted into an accelerator program in the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship where his drive led to a spot in Dingman's Terp Startup Fellows.  On campus, Tom could commonly be found in the Startup Shell space working with his team on Enly.

In an article by the University of Maryland's newspaper, The Diamondback, Tom's character glowed through as a true hustler and driven for success.  Sara Herald, Director of Venture Development at the Dingman Center, was impressed after working with him and his co-founder Jonathan (Jonny) Schneider in the accelerator, stating "They're giving 110 percent every day to this company, while still taking classes and doing well on their classes". Savransky also explained that while “everybody around me is thinking about schools and exams and internships, I’m thinking in terms of quarters … and business development."

Savransky's grit and true entrepreneurial spirit was highlighted by his close friend and COO of Enly, Jonathan (Jonny) Schneider.

“Tom’s spirit was one of an entrepreneur who was willing to do anything to make his business work. In his words, he was willing to sacrifice it all: health, friends, family, simple pleasures. In many ways, Tom embodied the story of the true entrepreneur, one who undergoes extreme sacrifice with little recognition. The mortal, real, industrious entrepreneur, rather than the glorified fantasy of the entrepreneur.”

To Thomas Savransky's family, friends, loved ones, and anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, Shell sends our deepest condolences during this difficult time.  The loss of Tom's presence and potential will be felt by the entire Startup Shell community.

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