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Shell Signal: January 2021
6 min read

Shell Signal: January 2021

Shell Signal: January 2021

Shell Signal is our monthly newsletter, filled with updates from the community, opportunities, events, and more.

Happy 2021! With the new year ahead of us, Shell is busy preparing for a semester filled with growth, collaborative, and fun events.  In the mean time, we have a plethora of opportunities from the Shell community.  Check out our monthly digest below for more information.

Key Updates

Fill out the Startup Shell Feedback Survey

We want your feedback to deliver the best experience possible for the upcoming semester.  Click the button below and tell us what you have to say!

EOY Survey

Github Education Pack

Github created a student developer pack that offers many free resources for students including access to Azure with a $100 credit, Github Pro, Free 3-month individual subscription to DataCamp, free Canva Pro, and much more!

GitHub Student Developer Pack
The best developer tools, free for students. Get your GitHub Student Developer Pack now.


Check out how Rendered was able to make the most of the year in their 2020 wrap up post

The blog post highlights the accomplishments of Saba Tshibaka's Rendered, a sustainable apparel brand with a mission for social, political, and environmental change. Throughout the year, Rendered was spolighted by Black Girl Ventures and hosted their first free book giveaway.  They also designed, produced, and fulfilled their first and second shirts #ProtectUMD.  To learn more about Rendered's 2020 journey, read below!

Rendered: A love letter to 2020
Published to on 1/14/2021

Sheller Saba Tshibaka makes moves as she graduates from UMD

In addition to graduating from the University of Maryland, Saba received a Student Impact Scholarship from Wells Fargo for her work on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement.  She was also named top 25 under 35 D.M.V. Activist and launched her own website!  

Check out Saba's website

Zack Khan is looking for content creators and wants your support for his project: The Passion Economy Stack

Zack is working on a project to help online creators and is seeking to collaborate with other Shellers.  He is interested in people who are actively creating content (ex: Youtuber, Newsletter Writer, running an E-commerce brand, Community Leader, etc).  

He also launched The Passion Economy Stack on Product Hunt (the largest collection of resources on the creator/passion economy) and would appreciate your support if you find it helpful.

Passion Economy Stack - The largest collection of passion economy resources | Product Hunt
The largest collection of passion economy resources:⠀• 100+ articles, people, newsletters & more, (w/ recommendations from @ljin18 & more)• 7+ creator types to filter by• Starter Pack: new to the space? Filter by “starter”• Updates emailed to you weekly

Mohil Gupta announced the release of his product Ocuclips and seeks feedback on his product's website

He would also like any interested Shellers to register their email to Ocuclips' VIP list for some funny collabs with influencers and prototype giveaways.

Find The Ocuclips Website Here
Have feedback for Mohil? You can reach him here

Shell developer looking for startups to join

Sheller Eric Robertson has worked substantially with React (front-end), Jupyter (data science and ML), and Serverless (cloud).  He is also a good mobile developer and will be interning for AWS this summer.  

Find Eric's Resume Here
If interested, feel free to reach out to Eric on GroupMe


Student Member of the UMCP IP Committee

Description: The University of Maryland College Park IP Committee is charged by the Vice President for Research (currently Laurie Locascio) to review, update, and implement new or existing University policy regarding intellectual property. For example, the UMCP IP Committee recently examined and updated the policy for rewarding inventors (faculty, staff, or students) through royalties that come back to the University for their patents. This is a unique opportunity for an undergraduate student to influence IP policy at the highest level of campus administration. You will represent the entire student population at UMCP in these issues.


  • Undergrad or Grad student currently enrolled.


  • Someone who is passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation / invention. No prior knowledge about Intellectual Property (IP) is required, but it is a plus.
If interested, email Nicholas Bentley

Shell Startup hiring a Graphic Designer for Branding and Design Updates

The startup is looking to update their logo, create a brand color palette, and get a set of template slides for pitch/workshop use.  In addition, they are looking for someone with experience in social media marketing, preferably similar to our physical product development niche, to consult with on a content strategy.  This is a paid position.  

If interested, contact Jacob Garnett on Facebook: Find Jacob's Profile Here

Front End Developer Position for Shell Startup

hotglue( is a business facing startup that helps B2B developers pull, standardize, and import customer data.

They are looking for a front-end/designer intern who will work with the team to improve user experience and design new features. If you have professional experience in front-end development/UI design and have good knowledge of HTML/CSS and React, they would love to hear from you.

They are seeking people with skills in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Node, React)

Apply Here

Bloxbiz Hiring for Multiple Positions

Bloxbiz is the marketing platform for the metaverse that enables brands to advertise to millions of people in video games. Bloxbiz has built the only programmatic in-game ad network for Roblox games and is partnered with some of the largest games on the Roblox platform.  Thanks to Ben Khakshoor, we have a number of positions to offer down below!

Developer Community Manager

  • Help grow and manage the Bloxbiz game developer community
  • Onboard new game developers to Bloxbiz and help get their games setup
  • Send performance reports and payments to game developers
  • Understand game developers needs, collect feedback, and share with the team
  • A passion for growing a community and engaging with customers
Learn More About The Role Here

Full Stack Engineer

  • Help build a web application that is used by Bloxbiz users
  • Work on reporting tools that allows Bloxbiz users to visualize their performance
  • Create interfaces to automate workflows for Bloxbiz internal and external users
  • Review and improve all aspects of our technical architecture and approach, from the codebase to the database, to infrastructure, to our development process
  • Create tools and introduce approaches and frameworks that will ensure the team continues to improve over time
Learn More About The Role Here

Roblox Engineer

  • Help improve and maintain the Bloxbiz SDK
  • Prototype new in-game advertising experiences
  • Talk with Roblox developers, collect feedback, and make suggestions
  • Review and improve all aspects of our technical architecture and approach, from the codebase to our development process
  • Help build demo games for customers to showcase Bloxbiz
  • Create tools and introduce approaches and frameworks that will ensure the team continues to improve over time
Learn More About The Role Here
If any of these positions are of interest to you, reach out to Ben Khakshoor on Facebook:  Find Ben's Profile Here
Bloxbiz - Reach a New Audience of Gen Z Gamers
Establish your brand in the universe of video games. Advertise to a new audience of Gen Z gamers in Roblox with gamer-friendly, dynamic in-game ads.

Interact Fellowship 2021 Application

Due January 31st, 2021 @11:59 P.M. Pacific Time

The Interact Fellowship is for technologists of all stripes. Interact Fellows meet twice annually for a fully-sponsored Fellowship Retreat, joining a community of thoughtful technologists from around the world. We come together to collaborate, seek out difficult conversations, and push each other to do good in the world. In order to be eligible to apply, you must be between the ages of 18-23. Shell has had significant representation in this fellowship in the past including Mackenzie Burnett, Jeff Anders, Dan Gillespie, Nathalyn Nunoo, Sashank Thupukari, and more!  To learn more, reach out to any of the Shellers listed above or view the Interact Fellowship website down below.

Interact is a community mission-driven technologists. We come together to collaborate, seek out difficult conversations, and push each other to do good in the world.

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