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Welcome Fall 2020 Batch Rho!!!
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Welcome Fall 2020 Batch Rho!!!

Welcome Fall 2020 Batch Rho!!!

As COVID as posed as a challenge for many clubs this semester, we are extremely pleased to have such an amazing pool of Shell applicants this year.  As you all know, each Shell applicant is taken into thoughtful consideration and we are so excited to announce the Fall 2020 Batch!  Each new member has something new and exciting to bring to Shell ranging from Food and Nutrition to Aerospace!

As we say to each batch, "We are a community of highly driven people, passionate about building projects and tackling solutions head on.  As an organization, we do our best to provide you with the space, connections, and resources to make that happen".  We believe that this batch reflects these ideals and will bring those words to fruition.  


Founders Venture Description
Joseph Oleynik & Jeff Su & Wyatt Talcott ModBars, LLC ModBars, LLC provides simple, mindful and alternative snack bars to people who have dietary restrictions or seek to attain a certain dietary lifestyle.


Founders Venture Description
David Molot & Hassan Syyid hotglue hotglue helps B2B developers pull, standardize, and import customer data. Our goal is to make data integration something any developer can handle with just a few lines of code.
Camilo Melnyk & Spencer Yaculak & Alice Fox Blimp Logistics Blimp is developing a drone logistics network to provide fast, flexible, and safe delivery to any coverage area.
Sanketh Andhavarapu Vitalize Vitalize is developing the first wellness app and platform specifically tailored to healthcare professionals.
Anna Kaplan HEED Heed is the self-care app for those who hate self-care apps. Heed provides a space for users to engage with blog content, and use our self-care idea generator to find self-care that fits their schedule and preferences.
Fellows Skill Set
Marie Brodsky Computer Science + Discrete Mathematics + Teaching/Curriculum Development
Bryan Houlton Mechanical Engineering + Computer Science
Pranav Bharadwaj Machine Learning + Web Development + Economics
Alan Sun Machine Learning + Web Development + Blockchain
Anaum Khan Mobile Application & Web Development + Activism + Marketing & Film

Content Creation:

Founders Venture Description
Broadway Digital Media Isela Sanchez Broadway Digital Media is a photography company that seeks to creates long lasting, emotional, inspiring, creative, and empowering memories.

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