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Events & Updates - April 2020
4 min read

Events & Updates - April 2020

A couple weeks ago, we posted our response to COVID-19, letting you know we were working hard to digitize Startup Shell and foster the community online as best we could.
Events & Updates - April 2020

Well, we have some new updates for you, featuring a huge (and growing) lineup of digital Shell Talks, workshops, and office hours.

We've been blown away by the responses from the COVID-19 projects you're working on, as well as all those that wish to volunteer their time and skills. We are working on bringing an amazing event for all of you with our partners at UMD. Looking further down the road, we are preparing to be there to help Shellers through financial struggles to keep their business afloat. More information on this soon.

If you missed our coronavirus update, check it out below. The UMD entrepreneurship community has assembled a fantastic summary of resources.

COVID-19 and Startup Shell
As entrepreneurs, we are forward-thinkers. If circumstances allow it, make sure to take this time as an opportunity to create. It’s in times like these in which innovation and creativity is needed the most.


Shell Talk 080 with Juliana Neelbauer

April 13th @ 7:00pm on Zoom
In the first of a series of online Shell Talks, Juliana Neelbauer will be discussing her experiences managing her business through a recession and beyond. Juliana Neelbauer is a shell alumni, and currently a senior associate attorney at Drew Eckl Farnham. She has over 10 years of experience in industry and experience with working on startups.

Workshop Week with JMakes3D

April 14th, 15th, and 16th @ 7:00pm on Zoom
Have you ever looked at your phone or your car and wondered how it was all designed? Do you look at 3D models in video games and think it would be cool to make your own? This series of workshops will cover the basics of designing and creating 3D models from the ground up for beginners up to advanced users.

They will be sharing their skills to the community, in a week-long, 3 part series of workshops, ending on Saturday April 18th with a Shell Talk on Physical Product Design.

Intro to Fusion 360
Tuesday April 14th @ 7:00pm on Zoom

Intro to Blender
Wednesday April 15th @ 7:00pm on Zoom

Advanced Fusion 360
Thursday April 16th @ 7:00pm on Zoom

Shell Talk 081 with JMakes3D

April 18th @ 7:00pm on Zoom
Originally joining as a fellow, Jacob has worked with nearly every recent hardware company in Startup Shell, helping fellow Shellers and honing his skills. Partnering with his colleague from Terrapin Works, Jacob and John started the JMakes3D we know today.

Shell Talk 082: How to be frugal in a crisis and beyond

April 28th @ 5:00pm on Zoom
As this pandemic continues its long-lasting economic effects come to fruition, it is clear that frugality during this crisis is just as important as social distancing. Marcos Solloso lives that life, regardless of crises. In this Shell Talk, he shares his philosophy and tips on how to adopt it.

Pitch Dingman Competition Finals | Now on Zoom!

April 22nd @ 4-6pm on Zoom
Finalists have spent almost a full academic year preparing for this moment, so we're calling on you to support them and attend the first (and hopefully last) Zoom-powered edition of Pitch Dingman Competition on Apr. 22 from 4-6 p.m.! You'll still watch the finalists deliver pitches, hear the expert judges ask hard questions in Q&A and enjoy an interactive halftime show from Maryland Smith Clinical Professor Oliver Schlake. We're giving away $30K in prizes, so you don't want to miss seeing up-close reactions of the winners when we make the announcements! Register to attend below.

Shell Talk 083 with Drew Bewick: Leading in Times of Change

April 23rd @ 7:00pm on Zoom
Drew Bewick brings over two decades of hands-on experience investing in and nurturing entrepreneurs and startups to launch and grow disruptive capabilities. He’s worked in Government, industry and non-profit sectors and participated in the technical and business activities in developing from invention to new use a portfolio of 30 emerging technology equity investments in future market leaders such as Palantir Technologies, Endeca, I-Move, and Infinite Power Systems.
In this Shell Talk, Drew talks about his first experience as an investor and entrepreneur in leading in times of change.

Office Hours

Whether its design, financials, programming, or something else, Startup Shells mentors are here to help you, from wherever you are. We are still developing the platform and adding people, but you can sign up with a mentor now.


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Are you working on a project to help with the COVID-19 pandemic, or would like to volunteer? CLICK HERE We'll help you get connected.
We are working as hard as we can to make sure you get the best Shell experience possible, but we need your help. Fill out this form to get involved!

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