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Welcome Spring 2022 Batch!!
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Welcome Spring 2022 Batch!!

Welcome Spring 2022 Batch!!

We would like to welcome the incredible fellows and founders from our Spring 2022 Batch of Startup Shell this semester!

Many would agree that COVID-19 posed a challenge for many entrepreneurs in the startup space. However, we are proud to say that our new batch of founders persevered despite all challenges and proved that their passions and dedication to leave a positive impact can overcome any obstacle thrown their way.

After deliberating over 30 founder and 55 fellow applications this semester, we narrowed down our selection to 12 impressive ventures that were working on innovative solutions to some of the most prevalent issues we face and 28 talented fellows with diverse skill sets!

While our new batch is definitely professionally talented, we also have a few fun facts we want to share about our new Shellers. We have a Sheller who placed Top 16 in the Midwest Beatbox Battle (2017), co-created a YouTube channel with over 96K subscribers, was published in Nature magazine, and specializes in pogo sticking.

As we say to every new batch, Startup Shell looks for entrepreneurs who reflect the ideals and culture of Shell; we are: "a community of highly driven people, passionate about building projects and tackling solutions head on." We truly are confident that our Spring 2022 batch will carry on this culture and are thrilled to welcome them to the Shell community!


Founders Venture Description
Justin Fenn Stockadoo Stockadoo is a stock market where investors can buy and sell shares of their favorite creators while creators receive an alternative source of monetization.
Babatunde David Ogundipe, Mark Tsuma, Eddie Aloba, Seun Romiluyi The Koho App Koho is a community based recipe recommendation application; through personalized recipe recommendations, Koho addresses three problems: food waste, unawareness of recipes from other cultures, and difficulty following recipes.
David Crabtree Panoptic Panoptic bridges physical and digital worlds by developing and integrating Web3.0 and Metaverse technologies with innovative supply chains.
Samai Patel, Diego Castro, Isaac Lefkovitz Venture Inc Venture Inc seeks to revolutionize the way young adults connect with the world and each other.
Vera Gonzalez Familiar Spirit Familiar Spirit is an IOS application that provides users with divinatory, astrological, and astronomical tools appropriate for individuals of all skill levels.
Mathew Parsons North Star Creations North Star Creations creates products to help teach toddlers how to recognize and understand emotions.
Zakariya Kmir BIOKMIR BIOKMIR is a medtech company developing a point-of-care Tuberculosis diagnostic.
Daniyah Taimur Lavoro Lavoro is an online platform that helps women re-enter the workforce and get jobs in the tech industry.
Kang Ewimbi Empire 242 EMPIRE 242 is a record label that is run exclusively by artists for artists looking for an alternative path from the major recording companies.
Mehul Gupta Stealth Startup
Kasey Maison The 222 Podcast The 222 Podcast provides a safe, inclusive, mature space to talk about taboo topics that today’s society tends to shy away from in a relaxed, casual, and fun environment.
Kent Wang, Ziqi Zhang, Kun Zhou, Ziyi Yang JuJu Food Delivery JuJu Food Delivery offers a food delivery service for college students to better fulfill their needs and provide a more convenient way to eat delicious lunch at an economical price.


Fellow Skill Set
Nathan Tablang Full Stack Development + Web Design + User Experience + Product Management
Rishi Pradeep Full Stack Development + ML + Data Science
Tarun Thatavarthi Machine Learning + Front End Development + Product Management
Ananya Nagireddy Animation + Web Development + Machine Learning
Amrit Magesh Marketing + Cybersecurity
Pranav Bolla Cybersecurity + Software Development + PowerShell
Cynthia Somers Copywriting + Digital Marketing + Social Media Design
Jason Alexander Fotso-Puepi AR/VR Development + Computer Graphics + Human Computer Interaction
David Perez Networking + Crypto
Tali Kirshenboim Graphic Design + 3D Modeling + AR/VR Design + Adobe Suites + User Experience/User Interface + Web Development + Product Management + Photography
Ajitesh Kaladi Product Design + User Experience + Product Management + Manufacturing
Ashlyn Mann Accounting/Budgeting + Data Organization + Market Research
Jade LeSchack Quantum Computing + Physics + Project Management
Udbhav Muthakana Web Development + Desktop Development + Smart Contracts
Brandon Switzer Robotics + Hardware + User Experience
Michael Vincent Mannino Parallel Computing + Algorithms + Machine Learning
Sai Srikar Nimmagadda User Interface + Front End development + Software Development + Statistics + Analytics + Quantitative Finance
Aditya Goel Software Development + Data Visualization
Tyler Dulin Research + Healthcare + Engineering
Neil Kundagrami Biological Data Analytics
Ayman Chowdhury Web Development + Data Analysis
Dhruv Srinivasan Electromechanical Design + Computer Modelling + Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing + Controls Engineering
Bryan Zhang Finance + Software Development
Rushil Modali Machine Learning + Computer Vision
Franco Edah Software Engineering + Public Relations + Statistics
Sung Hyun Noh Content Marketing + Web Development + Cinematography + 3D modeling/Face Tracking
Reid Xu Product Design + Coffee Connoisseur
Sri Kanipakala App Development + User Experience

Shell Orientation

With the acceptance of these new Shellers, Startup Shell hosted their new batch orientation yesterday. Find some pictures from the event below :)

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