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Back to Shell - The Space, Opportunities, Updates.
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Back to Shell - The Space, Opportunities, Updates.

It feels like its been simultaneously a few weeks and a decade since last semester. The nature of what it means to be a university entrepreneur has changed, the way we build has changed, and most importantly, the way we form connections has changed (rip to those who used to hug everyone they met).

To keep it short, we want to ensure connections and collaboration continue to thrive within the Shell community. Check out important updates below about the Shell space, resources, and opportunities.

Stay tuned for an update on Shell events for the semester!

Key Updates:

  1. 🏒 New Virtual Shell Space - Collaborate, meet new people, see events at Always Open.
  2. ✌ New Member Directory - Find all members, ventures, and more at
  3. πŸ“± New Mobile Web App - Still in early stages... Update your Shell profile, see directory information, see where members are around the world. Visit on
  4. πŸ’° Mini-grants are back! - Stay tuned for updates. These will be available for any Shell ventures, up to $500.

🏒 The Space

Since the Startup Shell is located in the Rabin Building, here are the relevant regulations that apply to the Startup Shell:

  1. All students and guests using the Startup Shell space must wear masks, observe physical distancing, and must have a negative COVID test on file with the University of Maryland at
  2. Students are required to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols set forth by the University 4 Maryland
  3. The Startup Shell doors (Rooms 1100 & 1101) will only be open during normal working hours from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays. The Startup Shell must be vacated by 5PM.
  4. In compliance with Phase 2 physical distancing requirements, the maximum occupancy in the Shell at any given time cannot exceed 8 people.
  5. Violations of University of Maryland and Mtech policies will result in suspension of access to the Startup Shell.

The Digital Space

To combat these restrictions, the Startup Shell space will be temporarily headquartered at, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Treat it the same way you would use the physical space, meet with your team, come for events, or just hang out and meet new people (suggest some virtual furniture, the room is looking a little sparse). No masks required.

The New Space

IDEA Factory construction has started! Shell's new space is actually beginning to materialize.

To view progress, visit 🎈

🀝 Community

Jacques Marais w2018 – Needs your Feedback

If you have a second, take a look at, and provide your feedback here:

Anthony Castrio w2015 – Save money on health insurance by taking college classes (

Anthony has built a spreadsheet that helps you figure out the minimum number of credits you have to take at a school to get on their health insurance plan.

Has anyone here taken classes with someone doing this or thought about doing it yourself? Β 

Saba Tshibaka w2019 – Black Terps Matter

Saba is currently organizing on behalf of the social movement on UMD’s campus- Black Terps Matter. Since graduating, she wanted to make sure to keep her options, running down the different leadership roles she's had in the last 4 years - president of 3 orgs, awards etc. Check it out hereπŸ™‚

Daniel Raithel s2019, Ryan Pillai s2015 – UpTahr Analytics

A Data Science Firm for Research, Analytics, and Reporting.

Helping Companies to Leverage their Data by Building:

Fiscally Forward Live Dashboards, Advanced Regressional Models to Accurately Predict Future Sales on New Products, Precise Market Size & Segment Attainment, Detailed Investor Pitch Decks with Standard Metrics by Industry, Strategic Cap Tables to Ensure Maximum Equity on Exit, Analysis & Tracking of Companies Advertisement Spends by ROI, and much more!

Want to be featured here? Let us know what kind of progress you've made on your venture by emailing us at [email protected]

πŸŽ‰ Events

Founders Forum

Sept 8th, 5:15-6:15pm
Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month
Exclusively for both current and alumni members of Terp Startup, Pitch Dingman Finalists and Startup Shell, Founders Forum is an opportunity to continue honing entrepreneurial skills, to learn from our peers, and to catch up with one another. Each month, we'll deep dive a new topic related to running your businesses in a roundtable style, followed by time to socialize, snack and play board games.


Facebook Virtual Portfolio Review - East Coast

Sept 23rd @ 4:00pm

Starting September, Facebook is hosting a Virtual Portfolio Review once a month - anyone trying to level in product design should apply!

Technica 2020!

Registration for Technica 2020 is NOW open at! Technica is the world’s largest all-women and non-binary hackathon, hosted annually by University of Maryland students. πŸŒ…β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ

This year’s virtual experience introduces hardware and beginner tracks to provide even more resources for you to #ExpandYourHorizons. Whether you’re looking to write your first line of code or tinker with hardware, we challenge you to be fearless in trying new things, exploring new ideas, and reimagining what’s possible.

Technica 2020 is a 24 hour event where you will be immersed in technology and have access to knowledgeable mentors, captivating workshops, and motivated peers. All women and non-binary folks of any experience level and major are invited to register! ⁣

We can’t wait to see you at Technica 2020! Questions? DM, email us at [email protected], or tweet us @gotechnica.

πŸ’― Opportunities

New Stealth / Pre-launch App Needs Designers, SWE

JD Maresco is a DC-based UMD alum and is looking for designers, mobile engineers, and backend engineers for his new startup, either on a contract-to-hire hasis or as a full-time cofounder. JD was previously cofounder of Citizen, a mobile social network focused on safety, with 5 million users across 18 cities. He's now working on a new mobile platform to driev subscription revenue for small-to-medium-sized businesses. You can reach out to him if you're interested in chatting via email: [email protected]

Scale AI is Hiring!

Scale AI is currently looking for passionate and talented new grad and intern Software Engineering and ML candidates. If you're interested in accelerating the development of AI and want to work at a hyper fast growing YC startup, pm me for more details/references or feel free to apply at the link below! πŸŽ‰

Do Good Institute Mini Grants

Do Good Mini-Grants provide funding for the development and implementation of student-led, student-run proposals which aim to create a positive social or environmental impact. Receive up to $500 to support your project or venture! Learn more at Applications close September 21.

Queens Entrepreneurs Competition (QEC)

The QEC is student-run and judged by executives from companies such as Google, CIBC, and Accenture. Located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, the competition attracts attendees from some of the largest investment firms and corporations. The competition is open to all undergraduate students with an entrepreneurial business.

Every year, they receive applications internationally, from undergraduate students at schools such as Harvard, Yale, University of Waterloo, The University of Hong Kong, and The National University of Singapore. They would like to personally invite students from Maryland to apply to QEC. The competition covers all industries and is an exceptional opportunity to kickstart and develop an entrepreneurial initiative.

The competition runs from January 14-16, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit us at and feel free to contact Jake Rakusin through email or phone (647-982-9880).

Over $250K in cash & prizes up for grabs in the Baylor New Venture Competition

This business plan and elevator pitch competition showcases collegiate entrepreneurial teams from across the globe. The competition provides participants with personal and professional development through industry-specific mentorship towards sustainable business plans, exclusive access to accomplished experts and fellow innovators, and a chance to compete for over $250,000 in cash prizes and vital resources.

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